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Vehicle Detection

The intelligent radar sensor rapidly detects stopped vehicles to prevent collisions. All carriageways are monitored in both directions. Upon detection the radar will immediately report the vehicle location to a control centre and optionally slew a nearby camera to point at the vehicle.

  • Total range 500m

  • Scans all carriageways

  • Alert generated within 20 seconds

  • Accurate position reported

  • Low false alarm rate

  • Operates 24/7 365 days

  • All weather operation

  • Minimal blind spot underneath sensor

  • No external signal processing required

  • Power-over-Ethernet (PoE).

The system uses 24GHz radar technology to rapidly identify stopped vehicles and report the position to a central control room. The reliable detection technique is used to prevent a minor breakdown turning in to a major collision.

100% of the signal processing is performed by each radar sensor allowing low bandwidth communication infrastructure to be utilised.

The output data from each radar sensor can be customised to integrate with third-party equipment, such as traffic management systems and smart motorways for partial or full autonomy.

Please contact us for further information and specifications.


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