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About Us

Our Story

AVESTECH was founded in 2013 with the aim of bringing modern and innovative technologies to the global market, taking into account current trends.


Our beginnings were challenging and we had to convince our clients of a change in thinking in the field of security and the need to change common and outdated approaches and solutions. Nevertheless, we are known worldwide today and our services are used globally.

Who We Are

AVESTECH is the European leader in security field offering world-class security solutions. We develop sophisticated products delivering high value to customers through an international partner network. We place a great emphasis upon the environment protection as well as our reputation for probity and high standards. We are an innovative company that guarantees excellent product quality from Switzerland.

Our Vision

Never stop improving the solutions and products we provide and never settle for procedures and solutions that are not beneficial to our customers. Ensure to the maximum extent possible that our customer is not dependent on third parties, but that he is the real owner of the products and solutions we provide.

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