The Smartest, Most secure, Most Profitable Video Management

  • Expert

    We have over 9 years of experience in the sector, with benchmark clients in sectors like banking, retail, transport, industry, smart cities, unique buildings (hospitals, prisons, hotels, etc.), among others. We manufacture both our hardware and software.

  • User-friendly

    Designed and manufactured in Europe. We listen to our clients to manage how our solution evolves, but that’s not all: our tech support is located in Europe, so our support is rated highly by clients and integrators.

  • Flexible

    We integrate with numerous third-party systems (Onvif IP and analogue cameras, alarm panels, IP video intercom systems, IP automated doors and gates, IP speakers, POS, ATMs, input and output modules, IP infra-red beams, routers and much more.

  • Robust

    Our equipment lasts much longer than standard computers. We specialise in video surveillance and our equipment is used exclusively for these tasks, unlike standard computers.

  • Secure

    Embedded technology on the recording devices makes them much more secure than they would be with a normal computer, making them highly immune to cyberattacks. Certified Level 3 and 4, according to new European security standards EN62676.

  • Intuitive

    Our equipment can be installed using plug and play. Thanks to our assistants and default settings, installation is quick and intuitive, even for people without much knowledge of video surveillance. We create an assistant for each client to automatically set up the recording device.

  • Smart

    Our systems think for you, above all in terms of routine, repetitive tasks. Once the solutions have been set up, the system pro-actively warns you of any hardware, security or control issues.

  • Profitable

    Thanks to the durability and regular updates to our solutions, profitability is guaranteed in the middle to long term. The option to use existing cameras and cables also makes our solution more competitive. Not using computers with the recording devices makes maintenance much easier.

  • Monitor

    Ideal solution to create simple, agile and safe surveillance posts. Device that monitors and manages IP cameras, and one or more recorders without the need for a PC. It only requires a screen and a mouse, and it also allows to work with a joystick.


Our deep analysis uses mathematical algorithms and other quality imaging sensors to extract information about the object. On this basis, it can easily evaluate unexpected situations and reduce false alarms

GEO Pack

Integrates all perimeter security sensors together in one geo-referenced display. This allows the operator to take immediate visual check of the alarm and accelerate human response to the event

Wide Dynamic Range

Avestech CrystalClear™ technology enables by combining of high-definition sensors, image processing algorithm and dynamic histogram equalization to achieve twice as better Thermal Dynamic Range technology than

Intrusion Detection

Eliminate false alarms with enterprise quality thermal intrusion detection Avestech™ Path. Simply set your own trip lines and regions of interest and Avestech™ Path can assess risk and reduce false alarms due to high-definition thermal detection and machine learning.

Factory Monitoring

High thermal dynamic range enables to monitor in detail the thermal properties of parts of the production facilities. At elevated temperature or reduced temperature of certain parts of the system can create more action such as sending out email / sms or start the alarm.

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