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Site Security Radar

Site security radars detect and track ground targets over long ranges and wide areas. Automatic "slew to cue" operation continually focuses a CCTV camera on to the target.

One sensor monitors up to 360 degrees in all weather conditions to reliably detect and track intruders and threats.

  • Up to 360° coverage

  • Up to 400m total range

  • All weather operation

  • Tracks multiple targets

  • Can be mounted high on a pole

  • Programmable areas & priority zones

  • Automatic camera control

  • Straightforward to install and configure

  • Power-over-Ethernet (PoE)

  • Adaptive processing "learns" environment.

Unlike sensors that only detect at a perimeter, our site security radars will track threats before they are near to a perimeter, giving advanced warning.

If an intruder enters a secure area our surveillance radars will continue to track the position of the target so they cannot hide or evade capture.

All processing is performed within the sensor so low bandwidth TCP/IP network connections can be used for remote sites. IP connectivity allows straightforward integration with third-party VMS, alarm and camera systems.

Please contact us for further information and specifications.


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