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Thermal Cameras

Speed Dome Camera

  • Support fire detection,full-scrren/area detection, automatic alarm,

  • Support muliple pseudo color switch and display,

  • Support wide dynamic,strong light compensation, area instruction detection function,

  • High strength alloy aluminum integral die-cast housing,internal all metal structure,

  • Support standard protocol (ONVIF,ISAPI), support T VT SDK, support GB/T281281 protocol and access to third-party mangement platform.

  • Support infrared thermal image and HD visible image single IP image output,

Theramal PTZ
Download PDF • 517KB

Bullet Camera

  • The focal length of the athermal focus lens is not affected by the high and low temperature environment.

  • Pseudo color: this network camera can choose different color patterns, display the temperature of different objects in different colours.

  • Intelligent re detection function: multi-level fire point detection, efficient detection, reduce false positives.

  • Support for cross-border detection, regional intrusion detection, mobile detection.

  • Warning: when an event occurs, the picture is sent to the user's registered e-mail address or FTP server, or saved to the micro SD card.

  • Web browser based surveillance: using the Internet Web browser to display images in a local network environment.

  • Consistent with ONVIF: This product supports ONVIF Profile-S.

  • 384X288/640X480 uncooled FPA.

Thermal Bullet
Download PDF • 912KB

Please contact us for further information and specifications.

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