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IP Videorecorder With PoE+ Switch

  • Improved identification capacity: better image definition and frame rate,

  • PoE+ switch for 12, 20 or 28 IP cameras. Strict access control to IP cameras. Single IP address per videorecorder. Detection of supplanted videosources,

  • All resolutions and multiple manufacturers IP cameras support. ONVIF and VAPIX (AXIS) protocols support, fisheye cameras and panamorphe-lens cameras,

  • ONVIF videorecorder, support of profiles S and G,

  • IP Site Camera technology for remote management,

  • Integration with alarm panels and electronic locks,

  • Support of up to 4 hot-swappable hard disks,

  • Low power consumption,

  • Designed according to the new European security standards (EN-62676), grade 3 and grade 4.

Optimal solution for the current and future CCTV, high performance recording and remote surveillance. It has been designed with an embedded (non-PC) architecture that offers maximum reliability and minimum power consumption. IP cameras can be directly connected to an optional internal switch that offers truly Plug&Play connection and securizes the access to IP cameras.

Site camera technology allows optimal image quality transmitted through limited network bandwidth without compromising the recorded quality. The operators at the Control Center can display each camera or all at the same time with high frame rate and minimizing the corporate network bandwidth use, both for real time video and recorded video. This technology makes the remote management and recordings search much easier to the operator.

The integrated switch for CCTV protects the access to IP cameras with virtual private networks features, allowing the access to IP cameras only through the videorecorder and after authentication. The whole set of the videorecorder and the cameras may work with a single IP address, making network planning simpler. Moreover, IP cameras cannot be “impersonated” since the recorder continuously identifies and supervises them. Other devices plugged in to a port of the switch configured for an IP camera connection are neither recognized nor allowed to do anything.The unused ports are blocked and do not accept any connection at all.

Please contact us for further information and specifications.


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