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Effective Protection against Small UAVs

DIDIT stands for Distributed Detection, Identification and Tracking public organisations, industrial companies as well as private individuals benefit from DIDIT: our solution for automated detection, location and tracking of sUAV. It empowers our customers to react to the various challenges of sUAV and to prevent undesirable consequences.

DIDIT supports public security, avoids privacy violation and defends companies against espionage. Individuals, information and properties are protected effectively. Being aware of the location of both drones and their controllers enables our customrs to eliminate undesired and illegal activities.

An intelligent mix of sensors detects various types of drones, independent of weather conditions and topography. A modular concept guarantees scalability, allowing the surveillance of premises of any sie and development stage. Passive electro-optical and radio sensors are supplemented with active radar if needed. Algorithms specifically developed for this application process and fuse data delivered from the various sensors for optimised tracking of detected drones. The position and trajectory of the drones are displayed in real-time, therefore providing a live-visualisation of the threat scenario.

DIDIT - Factsheet_EN-1_AV
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DIDIT - Factsheet_DE_AV
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